Uncle Vitya, tell us a few words about yourself.
To be honest, I still don’t know who my father is. Since my birth, I had been living in the cupboard under the stairs at my uncle’s, I had a scar on my forehead, then I was admitted into some college where I killed some dude with no nose. And if you believed all that, then I really wonder who YOUR father is, if he brought up such an idiot.
Do people recognize you in the streets and ask you for an autograph?
No, people don’t actually recognize me in the streets, since TNT4 TV channel does not broadcast in Monaco. By the way, these two facts have nothing to do with each other.
What did you do before you appeared on TV?
I’ve been working for television for so long that my previous occupation was a medieval astrologer.
Have you driven any of CASH OR CRASH guests to tears?
Yes, Maxim Galkin was weeping and begging me to take his episode off air. But we ended up not broadcasting it anyway. Apparently, he did the same thing when he begged Alla Pugacheva to marry him, and she did.
If a celebrity refuses to come to your show, what repercussions do they face?
My guests appear on the show of their own free will. In fact, no one has refused yet, that’s why the relatives of my previous guests still have all their fingers intact.
Who is the best comedian on today’s television?
What a silly question! It’s like asking the Russian president who the best president is. By the way, the answer to both questions is Uncle Vitya.
Producer, musician, and singer

Episode featuring Maxim Fadeev

What’s your impression of the show?
I came here with a feeling that the show host won’t be able to make me laugh at all. I even bet 10,000 rubles that he’ll fail to make me laugh, so I was trying hard not to laugh. But in the end, I lost my bet and had to pay him. Uncle Vitya is the shit. But what’s more important, he is a very smart shit. He really is in synch with his guests!
Was there a moment when you thought, “Dang, how did I end up here?”
No, I knew very well where I was going. And I was absolutely ready for it!
What is the worst thing that could make you cut off all communication with a person?
I hate hypocrites and snobs. If someone is a snob, they are stupid by default. If someone is a hypocrite, they are not my friend and never will be.
Maxim, have you ever met a person who resembled Uncle Vitya’s personality?
My maternal great grandfather was the spitting image of Uncle Vitya – always unhappy about everything, constantly shouting at everyone, but cracking jokes all the time, that’s why no one could hold a grudge against him. He would insult or tease you, but then he would crack such a joke that everyone would forget about it.
What would be your advice to the future show guests?
I would advise everyone to go to Uncle Vitya’s show. But for some reason, they are all afraid to do so. I know for sure that the audience does not accept fake people. That’s why he needs to invite new, young and cheeky characters and “crack them up”. Let him pick them to pieces, ‘cause most people act tough only on their social media pages.

Episode featuring Tarzan

What does money mean to you personally?
Naturally, money does play a certain role in my life, but my philosophy is that you are born not to make money, but to just live. To work your socks off simply to earn some cash is a bad idea! I don’t know who came up with it and forced it upon us.
On CASH OR CRASH you mentioned that you hate fake smiles in show business. Why?
I don’t wanna judge anyone, but it cracks me up when I see it. You may be away on holidays for a couple of months, then you come back and get invited to some TV show. So you show up and see all these people so full of themselves and you just can’t understand what the hell is going on… But what can you do? You just have to try and have fun if you happen to be there too.
Why do you appear to be so different from your on-screen personae?
On screen, I observe the rules of the game.
On CASH OR CRASH, Uncle Vitya tried to embarrass you in front of all TNT4 viewers, and this is 90 million people! Is there any story from your childhood when you felt as embarrassed?
There is. Once I was hanging out with my mates, and one of them suddenly started handing out loads of cash to us. It turned out he took it from his mom without permission. When the truth came out, we all freaked out! Of course, we returned the money, and nobody even got punished since we were just kids. But I understood what it all looked like.
What can take you out of your comfort zone?
There are many things, which can drive me nuts. Or take me out of my comfort zone. I’m trying to get thick-skinned, but I am what I am. I am very sensitive. But I’ve already learnt not to react to caustic remarks or turn them into a joke. Love is the best reaction to any negative stuff.
Actor, comedian, and radio DJ

Episode featuring Roman Popov

Did you tell your family or friends that you are going to CASH OR CRASH?
I told my television colleagues and my family, except for the kids of course. They are still watching only children’s TV channels.
Did they give you any tips on how to behave?
“Kill that old dude!” And it wasn’t my kids who said that, but my friends.
Given the chance, would you have changed anything in the episode featuring you?
Definitely! I would’ve been tougher, I would’ve hit back. But I am a man of fine breeding and I have respect for old people. Now get the hell out of here!
In your opinion, what would foreigners think of CASH OR CRASH?
They would think that Russian TV has been seized by the Japanese, since CASH OR CRASH does resemble all that crazy shit characteristic of Japanese TV. Their shows are really crazy, but we’re just making the first steps in that direction. Soon we’ll be shoving something into a hole trying to figure out whether it’s our wife hidden behind the wall or not.
Which of your show biz colleagues would you invite to Uncle Vitya’s show?
When it comes to TNT celebs, I would invite Ilya Sobolev. He is a cool dude, but he’s been very busy lately. I would advise him not to repeat my mistakes and smack Uncle Vitya right away!
Actress, resident comedian of COMEDY WOMAN show

Episode featuring Marina Fedunkiv

Why did you agree to take part in CASH OR CRASH?
You know, I wanted to experience some rough stuff. In case I don’t return, I’ve signed my house over to my relatives.
Throughout the previous two seasons, the show guests and the viewers kept on saying that only Marina Fedunkiv would be able to stand up to Uncle Vitya. Do you think you’ve managed to do that?
No, we liked each other from the get go, that’s why there was nothing too harsh on the show. I do much worse things in real life than the ones he mentioned on the show.
Since you are not married, would you go out on a date with Uncle Vitya?
Yes, I like trashy stuff! Moreover, I’ve never been fussy over somebody’s looks. Here are the three things that should be inherent in a man – a sense of humor, generosity, and kindness.
Which of the celebrities would you advise to come to Uncle Vitya’s show?
I would definitely advise not to invite comedians to such a show! They would all take it easy. I wish someone more respectable could come… like Putin, for instance. If Uncle Vitya suddenly decides he’s ready to kick the bucket, then go ahead – Uncle Vitya will have nothing to lose and can blab all he wants.
Do you have anything to say to the show audience?
Smile, guys, laughter is a way to live longer! And may you have more merry moments in your life to make you feel really happy, instead of just making you grin!
Showman, actor, and singer

Episode featuring Alexander Revva

Do you watch CASH OR CRASH?
It’s one of my favorite TV shows on this planet. I love amusement rides associated with fear, envy and admiration.
How do you feel about Uncle Vitya?
I am a big fan of his, and probably the only one. Uncle Vitya is not mean, he’s a kind old man. But if you insult him, he can strike back.
Is there any topic you would refuse to discuss?
I’ve got nothing to hide, and I am not ashamed of anything in my life, but probably I’m just prevaricating here.
How should one behave on such an off-the-hook and cheeky show?
I can use my energy to shut down Uncle Vitya, or Aunt Yulya, or any other person. I hope everything is gonna be fine and I won’t have to use my magical dark powers to make Uncle Vitya suffer a stroke or anything…
What’s your advice to other celebrity guests who will come to Uncle Vitya’s show?
My advice to them is to take something heavy or sharp with them, or a can of something liquid and inflammable, for instance.
Actor, comedian, and TV host

Episode featuring Roman Yunusov

Have you watched Season 1 of CASH OR CRASH?
I’ve watched the episode featuring comedian Vadim Galygin where he licked a pig’s nipple. And everything immediately came into place!
What’s your opinion of the show host, Uncle Vitya?
He’s got a small dick, that’s why he cracks jokes about it all the time.
Does criticism hurt your feelings?
Some things do hit a nerve and I feel like saying, “Hey, you…”, but I tried to control myself and not take the bait.
Is there anything that makes you feel ashamed?
There’s only one thing in my life that makes me feel ashamed – my ass which I’ve shown on screen. But if need be, I’ll show it again.
Which celebrity would you invite to this show?
It would be interesting if Uncle Vitya could invite himself.
Have you learnt anything new about yourself from Uncle Vitya?
Only the fact that I supposedly ate 7 kilograms of sausage at a food-tasting! But the story was so well made-up that it sounded funny.
Actress, DJ, and porn star

Episode featuring Elena Berkova

How should one behave on such a harsh TV show?
If Uncle Vitya acts obnoxious, I’ll pinch him. No one has ever done anything like this to him!
Did you succeed in seducing Uncle Vitya?
I think Uncle Vitya does not consider me attractive, because he is not into girls.
What would you say about Uncle Vitya as a man?
When I look at Uncle Vitya, I feel like pulling his beard. I just love men with a beard!
Do you treat yourself with self-irony?
There’s nothing I enjoy better than taking a piss at myself! I love coarse jokes, but I’m tactful when it comes to people around me.
What’s your biggest disgrace?
It depends on what you consider a disgrace. For someone, to show their boobs is a disgrace, but for me it’s a thrill.
Actor and TV host

Episode featuring Azamat Musagaliev

Have you watched Season 1 of CASH OR CRASH?
My wife has, and she said, “Are you going to this nasty old man? Good luck then…”
Can criticism hurt you?
If criticism is off the mark, then I’m even ready to punch an old man. I’m talking about Uncle Vitya, just in case.
Is it important to develop your self-irony?
Yes, it brings one back to reality. I mean, if one says I’m not Mr. Handsome, then it’s time to give it a thought.
How did they persuade you to come to the show?
Uncle Vitya invited me to his show when we were shooting ONCE UPON A TIME IN RUSSIA. He actually invited the entire show audience. Don’t know why he did that. But I was the only one who showed up.
What would you advise other celebrity guests of Uncle Vitya’s?
I would advise them not to pussy out! Not only on this show, but in general.
a.k.a. MOLLY singer, lead vocalist of Serebro band

Episode featuring Olga Seryabkina

Do you like CASH OR CRASH show?
It’s the best thing that has happened to me in the last month.
What’s your attitude to Uncle Vitya?
I watched CASH OR CRASH episodes featuring other girls, and I thought he’s a sexist. And I was right!
Would you agree to date Uncle Vitya?
I’ve never paid any attention to conventions, so he has a chance.
How should one behave on such a cheeky TV show?
My main weapon is to burst out crying and leave!
What’s your attitude to criticism?
Criticism is a good way to reflect on things. Although I can’t say I enjoy thinking!
Singer, musician, and actor

Episode featuring Prokhor Shalyapin

What did you expect from the show?
I was afraid someone would jump out of the armchair. Or that some naked old women would appear out of nowhere… Who knows!
Was it difficult to deal with Uncle Vitya?
Old men are always more difficult to deal with. As for old women, I‘m great at hitting it off with them.
Are there any topics you don’t feel like discussing?
Unfortunately, in my life I can’t escape a series of certain topics, and it’s impossible for me to break this circle.
How do you behave in stressful situations?
If it’s a serious danger, I just run away. And I’m not ashamed to admit that!
What’s your attitude to criticism?
If you take everything seriously, you’ll worry more and will die sooner.
Actress, resident comedian of COMEDY WOMAN show

Episode featuring Nadezhda Sysoeva

What’s your attitude to CASH OR CRASH show?
I feel sorry for the show guests… I respect old people, but Uncle Vitya is such a devil!
How should one interact with Uncle Vitya without risking their life?
If you are nice to him, maybe he won’t bring himself to telling you nasty things?!
What is the most terrible thing that can happen on the show?
You know, I’ve already prepared my boyfriend by saying to him, “I hope you won’t break up with me.”
What can make you lose control?
Questions on Russian history.
What will you spend 1 million rubles on, if you win on the show?
I am a real shopaholic and I’m ready to waste money all the time, if there’s such an opportunity. If there are no problems in my life, it’s easy for me to part with cash.
TV host, scriptwriter, and actor

Episode featuring Alexander Gudkov

One million rubles – is it a lot for embarrassing oneself or not?
You don’t have to give me any money at all, I’ll embarrass myself anyway.
What’s your attitude to Uncle Vitya?
He’s a mean old man who humiliates everyone and behaves like the king of the world on his TV show. A cheeky bastard! He must have prostate problems, that’s why he’s so mean.
What would your mother say if she saw you on CASH OR CRASH?
She would say about the show host, “What a moron! Just look at what he’s doing! Sasha, why did you go there? How come such people appear on TV in the first place – he’s so unkempt and old!”
What kind of humor do you like?
I prefer the simplest type of humor. For instance, if one spells ‘beach’ as ‘bitch’, ha-ha-ha. It’s so funny!
Resident comedian of COMEDY CLUB

Episode featuring Timur Batrutdinov

The jackpot of the show is one million rubles – is it a big sum of money or not?
In fact, it’s better not to embarrass oneself on any account, but if you’re offered a good some of money for that, you can put up with it for some time, bearing in mind the current economic crisis.
What is the most immoral and embarrassing thing you’ve done in your life?
All my life I’ve been trying to stick to moral principles. The most immoral things I’ve done in my life were in front of TNT’s audience on the stage of the COMEDY CLUB show and, of course, as part of the H&B sketch comedy.
Are there any topics that are particularly sensitive for you?
There are no such topics. I earn my living by laughing at myself.
What would you like to ask Uncle Vitya about?
Whether it’s hard to be an asshole.
Did you enjoy yourself on the show, or did you feel nervous and fumble for the right words?
Initially, I was nervous, of course. Then I realized that I need to relax and go with the flow. At the end of the day, I didn’t hear anything new about myself. I always knew that I am heterosexual, and Uncle Vitya and all his intrigues didn’t make me think otherwise.
Singer and showman

Episode featuring Timur Rodrigez

What were your expectations of the show?
When I watched the pilot episode, I understood that it’s a show of attrition.
What do you think of this harsh format?
I have a great desire to contribute to the development of such a style in comedy! In the western world, this genre has existed for many years, and this is indicative of the freedom of not only those who produce such shows, but also of those who watch them.
Why are Russian celebrities not as easy-going?
They do not understand this genre, and the viewers are not accustomed to it either, because they haven’t experienced it. But I think, we all should stop being hypocrites.
How should performing artists perceive criticism?
As long as you lack self-criticism or self-irony, you can’t be called a 100% artist.
What made you feel nervous on CASH OR CRASH?
I felt nervous when I started thinking what the viewer will think about the show – whether they’ll believe it’s all a joke or whether they will take everything on the show at face value.
Actor and singer

Episode featuring Stanislav Yarushin

Did you like your appearance on CASH OR CRASH?
I’ll be honest, I like all the shows on TNT and TNT4 TV channels. Even if the shows like CASH OR CRASH air your dirty laundry in public, in the end your laundry turns out to be clean and fresh.
Are you capable of laughing at yourself?
I’ve been cultivating self-irony all my life. I am an absolutely reasonable person, and I am fine with humorous criticism towards me.
Is one million rubles enough to embarrass yourself?
If I had an opportunity, I would give everyone at least one million rubles so that they felt fine and didn’t have to embarrass themselves.
Did you have any problems with Uncle Vitya?
I’ve got only one question to Uncle Vitya, “What the hell?! What’s going on here?” Sometimes, it was just impossible to shut him up!
Did you feel like punching him?
No. But I felt a bit nervous when Uncle Vitya cracked a 6th joke about my musical endeavours. Uncle Vitya is just not aware how successful our concerts are!
Actress and TV host

Episode featuring Nastasya Samburskaya

Did you ever feel ashamed of something as a kid?
Even when I failed to find common ground with my classmates, I could always stand up for myself. Even when I had to stand against the whole crowd, I managed to find a nail bat and started swinging it around madly – and they all scattered around.
Did you like the show?
I consider this kind of stuff my job – I just embarrassed myself in exchange for money and took some serious cash home. Actually, it was funny.
What’s your attitude to criticism towards you?
My motto in life is “I don’t give a shit”, so you can tell me anything you like. If one treats a problem as a joke, it will cease to be something important.
Who criticizes you on social media most often?
Stay-at-home moms with a social media status which reads “A happy wife and mother”. They just can’t put up with the fact that someone could be happy without being married or having kids. I am rising up the career ladder and I am satisfied with my life. But on no account do I preach that everyone should build their career and not have kids!
Do you like to look at yourself on the screen, do you watch your own shows?
Yes, I do, because I need criticism, and I am my best critic.
Choreographer, one of the mentors on DANCE-OFF

Episode featuring Miguel

How did you like CASH OR CRASH?
It was fun and easy for me. I would’ve added more provocations!
What question would you ask Uncle Vitya?
“Who the fuck are you?!” I just can’t believe such people exist!
Were you sincere on the show?
I tried not to lie at all, and I think the lie detector showed that I was telling the truth.
Are the viewers ready for shows with coarse humor?
The viewers have been waiting for such a show for too long. They are sick and tired of watching refined celebrities!
Did you watch the episode with you?
Usually, I don’t watch shows with me, but CASH OR CRASH will be an exception!
Showman and actor

Episode featuring Vadim Galygin

Did you know in advance what you agree to?
I intentionally didn’t watch the episodes with the previous guests. I knew the show format – I knew that I’ll be talking with Uncle Vitya, who is nasty and cheeky. All the rest came as a surprise.
What do you consider an embarrassment?
When one is sitting and giving detailed answers to the questions he doesn’t give a shit about. All the rest is not embarrassing at all.
If you were the show host, what would you change?
Being a professional psychologist, I would keep tormenting the guests with various sensitive issues, before hitting the final nail in their coffin. Like hell would they win any money from me!
What celebrity guests would you like to see on the show?
I think, you shouldn’t invite such unscrupulous people like the resident comedians of the first seasons of COMEDY CLUB. There is nothing sacred for them! It would be interesting for me to watch Philip Kirkorov or Alla Pugacheva.
What does money mean to you?
To me, money is a tool. Here’s a theory I developed – one should have as much money as they can spend without a second thought.
Actress, resident comedian of COMEDY WOMAN show

Episode featuring Ekaterina Varnava

One million rubles – is it a sufficient compensation for having to deal with Uncle Vitya?
No, no! A million is very little. From the very beginning, as soon as he appeared in the studio, I realized that I shouldn’t have agreed to appear on the show.
Do you think your friends will learn something new about you after the show airs?
I think that for the very first time my friends are gonna see me talking angrily, because normally I don’t behave like this with my near and dear.
Are there any subjects that are taboo for you in an interview?
My family. And looks like after this show, under no circumstances will I discuss my looks. In fact, Uncle Vitya is the only man in my life who was so tough on me.
Who would you like to see on CASH OR CRASH in your place?
I’d really like to see Ekaterina Skulkina there – she must come to the show and stand up for herself. And Nadezhda Angarskaya, too. Or better to invite them to the show at the same time – they will destroy Uncle Vitya!
What was your first thought after you left the studio?
“Finally!” I felt relieved. For the first time in my life, I yelled at a person and felt relieved.
Singer and showman

Episode featuring Stas Kostyushkin

What were you impressions? Was it tough?
It’s the first TV show that knocked me off my stride. I was hooting with laughter!
One million rubles – is it a sufficient compensation for embarrassing yourself?
It is, I’ve embarrassed myself for even less cash.
Did you feel like cursing when talking to Uncle Vitya?
I never felt like insulting him. In fact, being old myself, I never insult old people.
Are there any taboo subjects for you?
No subject is taboo for me. Or rather, there are no subjects I won’t discuss. I only do the things I can take responsibility for.
Did you try to come up with some strategy prior to the show?
I didn’t, because I knew the show is a total improvisation. The outcome is impossible to predict.

Episode featuring Gavriil Gordeev

Why did you decide to appear on the show, which you followed from behind the scenes all along?
I wanted to see the show from the inside – I like extreme entertainment.
Did you manage to pimp up your self-irony?
To some extent, one can pimp up their self-irony indefinitely. I’m always willing to laugh at myself. Especially for the sake of the show and its viewers.
Do you have any compromising information on Uncle Vitya?
I’ve got tons of compromising information on him. I just don’t want to reveal it, since it could only boost his popularity. And he’s already gotten pretty brazen lately.
Are you afraid of some specific topics?
Actually, I’m not. The most important thing is that the viewers laughed! I’ve got pretty harsh videos uploaded on the Internet. They are harsh, but funny. I only hope that TWO ANTONS series will never resurface again.
Do you prefer a humorous approach to life?
It’s silly to take everything too seriously! And when you can laugh heartily at all difficulties and problems, you’ll even live longer.
There was a theory that Uncle Vitya is actually you in disguise. How do you feel about hosting this show yourself?
I’m too kind to host such a TV show. I treat people in a good way. I can be hard on myself for the sake of comedy, but I’ll feel pity for another person.

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